End-to-End Development & IT Consulting

Web and Mobile Development

We offer comprehensive solutions for all your web and mobile app needs. From start to finish, our team works with you to create bespoke applications that seamlessly fit with your company’s preexisting systems.

Whether you’re a startup or enterprise-level business, we can support your goals.

  • Backend Development

    To build strong, scalable backends, we use .NET Core and industry best practices for clean coding and clean architecture in your software development.
  • Mobile Development

    Using Xamarin, our team creates cross-platform mobile apps that offer your audience top functionality and a flawless UX.
  • Front-End Development

    With tested JS frameworks, such as Angular, we create secure and fast interfaces that optimally perform.
  • Progressive Web Application

    Integrating desktop and mobile apps, our skilled developers create flawless, unique web applications for your project.

Desktop and IoT Development

Need to connect a physical object to a digital network? Look no further than our 15+ year experienced team of developers who create desktop and IoT solutions. We make software that connects, communicates, and transfers data in real-time so it’s easily accessible anywhere.

  • Desktop Development

    For enterprises needing high-performing desktop software, our engineers are the team to support the growing demand in your business. We use UWP, WPF, and Windows forms to create reliable and user-friendly desktop applications quickly.
  • IoT Development

    Turning your vision into a functional IoT strategy, we build custom roadmaps and products according to your goals. Our team creates employee and consumer-based apps for users to access anytime, anywhere while producing a complete IoT hub that you can easily control, construct, and oversee.

DevOps Consulting

We love working with clients to bridge the gap between software development, IT teams, and business using DevOps principles. Our consultants automate all processes for optimal construction, testing, and release of your project to guarantee it’s delivered efficiently and problem-free.

  • DevOps Audit

    Surveying infrastructures and software delivery processes, we support you in unveiling bottlenecks and discovering the best plan for your systems.
  • DevOps Automation

    Using a dedicated toolkit, our team automates your software development from beginning to end and trains your teams to properly work in a new environment.
  • DevOps Consulting

    Supporting you to adapt to new DevOps processes, you can gauge and manage performance systems while measuring how your business reacts to these changes.

System Integrations

We make your organisation’s systems work together. Our experts have the skills to completely integrate your business’s processes using progressive and data focused practices to centralise your operations.

  • API Integrations

    We do API creation that efficiently connects applications and effectively converts data.
  • Enterprise App Integration

    Our team brings internal technologies and services together for free movement of data between systems.
  • Heterogeneous Data Integration

    We gather data into an automated or semi-automated system for single-user query-based searches.
  • Point-to-Point Integration

    The simplest type of integration, our developers integrate two independent systems with a single transfer of data.

Infrastructure Development and Management

Achieve the success your business deserves with our skilled team. We support you from setup to management of Azure to create an infrastructure that’s expandable, secure, and compliant.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Taking advantage of the cloud's many benefits, our experts support your goals. Whether you're starting from scratch or working with existing cloud infrastructures, we make your ambitions for scalable, affordable, and secure applications a reality.
  • On-Premise Infrastructure

    Our engineers support businesses that need custom solutions to host and manage their systems and data on-premise.
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Offering a blended approach for businesses to benefit from an open cloud and local control over their data and process, we use Azure to natively integrate on-premise infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud.
  • Cloud Migration

    Migrating software to the cloud, we redesign and rebuild your software’s architecture while simultaneously using the benefits of the cloud to improve features, UX/UI, security, and performance.

IT Consulting

Let our expert technicians review your existing systems and determine the best tools and principles to modernise and revamp your solutions.

  • App Modernisation

    From operational issues, high maintenance costs, and serverless architecture, our team will modernise your existing applications and use modern tools and principles to revamp your existing solutions.
  • Refactoring

    After diligently reviewing every line of code, we create and execute a battle plan to upgrade, improve, rewrite legacy code, and test the complete system.
  • Cloud Assessment

    Our consultants undergo a three to four-week review of your code with the aim of migrating your old systems into the cloud.
  • Prototyping

    Get the benefit of validating your great ideas ahead of time by working with us to build smaller test cases and keep your investments at a minimum.

RPA Automation

Save time and money by implementing AI technology into your business. Using platforms like UiPath and Power Automate, our team supports you by automating redundant, manual jobs and finding clean solutions for your enterprise.

  • Data Extraction

    Uncover and organise data for your company’s intents and purposes.
  • Generating Emails

    Manage sending, replying, and receiving of emails to scale and improve your relationships.
  • Creating Invoices

    Eliminate errors and catalogue files in a way that’s best for your business.
  • Automating Payroll

    Remove human error from your payment management and simplify bulk payouts.
  • UI Testing

    Assess what is and isn’t working for your users to better optimise your processes.
  • Complex Solutions

    Discover how AI can simplify your company’s most difficult, manual tasks.

How We Support You & Achieve First-Class Results

Our optimised approaches deliberately position each campaign toward victory.
Project Based Receive a transparent, fixed price plan with a clear DoD (definition of done), acceptance criteria, and a detailed timeline.
Team Augmentation Work with 2 to 4 handpicked developers who join your team to achieve the unique goals and requirements of the enterprise.